The Standard Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR PU 420 is a durable, elastic (about 60% elongation-to-break) and highly decorative cast floor-based on polyurethane resins. It´s completely seamless and has an average thickness of 2 mm when applied. The unique composition of the resin, the colouring and possible use of decorative flakes or Silicon Corund, gives this type of floor a very distinct and personal character.

STEPPAFLOOR PU is available in virtually any RAL colour in either a satin or matt finish. When finished, the floor is completely light and colourfast and does not fade in colour.

STEPPAFLOOR PU has been specially designed to meet the standards and requirements for use in private homes, shops, showrooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, schools and more.

Providing the necessary adjustments, STEPPAFLOOR PU 420 can also be applied in workplaces or areas with heavier mechanical or industrial traffic. This floor system is easy to maintain, completely seamless, slightly crack-bridging and provides a contemporary look.

If a higher elasticity is required, we recommend STEPPAFLOOR Comfort.

Different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU

For more information on the different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU, please follow the links below.

SSTEPPAFLOOR PU 420 – The Standard Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD – The Light and Colour fast Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR COMFORT – The Elastic Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO - The Anti-Slip Cast Floor


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