The Anti-Slip Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO is made of pure, hard-elastic polyurethane resins with decorative features created by various additional components such as e.g. Silicon Corund flakes. This type of cast resin floor is used mainly in work areas such as kitchens, dishwashing areas, outdoor terraces, food processing plants or other areas where crack-bridging and ant-slip features are needed to provide a safe and secure working environment.

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO is completely seamless and has an average thickness of 2 to 6 mm when applied. This durable and versatile cast resin floor is available in a wide range of adjustable surface finishes, from lightly textured to rough.

The STEPPAFLOOR FORSO is available in various colours and colour mixtures, both the base floor as well as the additional components and is an excellent choice for medium to heavy duty work areas.

For extreme conditions, we recommend STEPPAFLOOR PU cement.

Different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU

For more information on the different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU, please follow the links below.

SSTEPPAFLOOR PU 420 – The Standard Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD – The Light and Colour fast Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR COMFORT – The Elastic Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO - The Anti-Slip Cast Floor


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