The Light and Colour fast Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD is a sound reducing, hard, elastic (over 100% elongation-to-break) and highly decorative cast polyurethane floor, based on high quality aliphatic and polyurethane resins. It´s completely seamless and has an average thickness of 2 mm when applied.

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD is available in virtually any RAL colour and various NCS colours in either a satin or matt finish. When finished, the floor is light and colourfast and does not fade in colour.

Due to the unique combination of resins, different effects can be obtained using various colours, patterns, decorative Silicon Corund flakes or different broadcasting systems. This type of flooring system is ideal for creating highly decorative design floors.

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD is ideal for applications where the aesthetic appeal of a smooth, seamless surface and colourfastness are of great importance. This system is ideal for private homes, shops, showrooms, hospitals, schools and more.

Different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU

For more information on the different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU, please follow the links below.

SSTEPPAFLOOR PU 420 – The Standard Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD – The Light and Colour fast Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR COMFORT – The Elastic Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO - The Anti-Slip Cast Floor


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