Steppafloor PU-CEMENT

Extreme Conditions

Some areas demand more than what the standard synthetic resin floor has to offer.

We are happy to assist our customers in finding the right floor system depending on the user requirements or specific environmental conditions that might apply.

For really extreme conditions (high temperatures, heavy use, chemical abrasion, moist application surface, we have developed STEPPAFLOOR PU-CEMENT, an extremely durable floor system based on polyurethane cement.

  • STEPPAFLOOR pu-cement
  • STEPPAFLOOR pu-cement
  • STEPPAFLOOR pu-cement
  • STEPPAFLOOR pu-cement

PU-CEMENT is not affected by heat

Standard synthetic resin cast floor can already become softer and thus more subject to damage at temperatures of around 50° to 60°.

STEPPAFLOOR PU-CEMENT remains unaffected at temperatures from 130° when in contact with moist heat or hot water and up to 150° when exposed to dry heat.

This makes it the perfect cast floor for application in hot and moist production facilities. Pressure cleaning or steaming, constant heavy mechanical stress or contact with chemicals does not pose a problem for this robust industrial cast floor.


quick curing time | easy to clean | completely sealed surface | non absorbing |anti-skid | not affected by thermal shocks | extreme temperatures | resistant to heavy mechanical stress or chemical abrasion