You don´t like dirty floors?

A thorough and regular maintenance will keep your STEPPAFLOOR in mint condition. We have all the necessary equipment and cleaning products you need to keep things sparkling.

Our professional maintenance services

With our industrial steam cleaner you will be able to keep your floor clean and free of bacteria at all times.
You can already rent one starting at only 40 € per hour. Contact us today for an appointment.

Our maintenance products

STEc 1 – The all-round intense floor cleaner

STEc 1 is a powerful high quality cleaning product with a low foam production, specifically developed for cleaning alkali-sensitive, elastic and resin based floors.

It can also be used to remove dirt, protective polymeric coatings, grease or oil from your tile floor, terrace or concrete paving. It´s NTA and Butyl glycol-free and not subject to ADR- or other regulations regarding hazardous products.

STEvo 2 maintenance sealing product

STEvo 2 is a temporary protective layer for intensely used alkali-sensitive, elastic and resin based floors. it protects the surface of the underlying floor against dirt and superficial damage. STEvo2 is a temporary application and can be removed quickly and efficiently with STEvo 1.1

STEc 4 Oil remover

STEc 4 is a powerful but solvent-free oil remover that penetrates the pores of the floor for a deep and thorough cleaning.

SIKAGARD Moss Remover

SIKAgard is an environmentally friendly cleaning product suitable for completely removing moss or algae or other contamination from indoor or outdoor surfaces such as sun blinds, gutters, roofs, patios, driveways, walls and floors.