STEPPAFLOOR HD gravel floors

Gravel Floors

STEPPA installs different types of gravel, marble and glass floors, often called stone carpets. Depending on used grains they can vary greatly in appearance, thickness, colour and texture.

STEPPAFLOOR gravel floors are composed of carefully selected natural stone grains and solvent-free resins. This stone carpet floor system is anti-allergic, anti-static, fire resistant and extremely durable.

These quality gravel floors combine a natural look with a very durable surface, a warm, pleasant feel and significant sound reducing properties which makes them very popular for use in offices, showrooms, private houses, exhibition halls and more.

They are available in an almost limitless palette of colours. We are happy to assist you in choosing a specific colour or to provide any further technical information.


Click below for more information about the different grain floors:

STEPPASTONE QP - Gravel or Stone Carpet

STEPPASTONE MP – Marble Carpet


Can a resin floor be combined with floor heating?

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