Glass Carpet

Based on our experience, new product developments and various tests, we have developed STEPPASTONE GLASS, a completely new concept in floor finishing.

This unique glass carpet floor system is a combination of carefully selected glass grains that are washed, coloured, dried and sieved to size after which they are combined with a durable 2-component based resin, special pigments and unique fillers.

Due to its smooth and seamless finish (no sharp edges), very high durability and excellent abrasion resistance, you will be able to enjoy your STEPPASTONE GLASS floor for many years after installation.

It features excellent heat and sound insulating properties that provide a pleasant environment. Because of its grain structure, it feels less cold and is ideal for installation on top of floor heating.

The system is composed of several layers, requires an installation time of at least 2 working days and can be applied to virtually any solid rigid surface.

STEPPASTONE GLASS can be finished with a top coat which provides a more equal surface. In addition, this top layer provides a perfect protection against wear and dirt.

Dust and dirt is invisibly collected in the texture of the floor so normal vacuuming is therefore sufficient to clean the floor. Stubborn dirt can be removed with water and a broom.

The thickness of this top layer can be adjusted to your requirements. Applying a thick top layer results in less texture in the floor while installing a thinner layer provides more texture and a rougher surface finish. When you apply a topcoat to this type of floor system, it´s sound absorbing properties will become lower and application strokes might be slightly visible.

STEPPASTONE GLASS is available in a wide range of colours, colour mixtures and designs. We are happy to assist you in choosing a specific colour or to provide any further technical information.

STEPPASTONE GLASS is predominantly used in sanitary facilities, bathrooms, kitchens and more.


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