At STEPPA we´re happy when our customers are! Many of our satisfied customers were happy to share their experiences:


Seamless Stone Carpet with a sealing top coating.

“We would like to thank STEPPA for their excellent service and professional advise when we we chosing our resin floor. We finally decided to apply a small grained, dark grey stone carpet floor in our home,finished with a sealing top coat. We´re very satified with the end result. Everything looks great and modern because of the seamless installation thoughout all of the rooms. Choosing a protective top coat was the best choice we could have made because it´s so easy to maintain.”

Elke & Michael

A cast resin floor in our children´s rooms

“In 2001 STEPPA installed a cast floor with flakes in both of our children’s rooms. We´re very happy with the quality and ease of maintenance these floors provide. After 5 years we decided to change the colour of the floors and applied a new top coat with a different colour because our daughter was asking for it. The fact that you can easily change the texture and colour is one of the biggest advantages using this type of floor. In 2008 we also installed a stone carpet floor in our living room and are very happy with the results.”


Linda Goesaert, Stabroek

Restaurant BLFLR

“This realisation would never have happened without your dedication, commitment and expert advise. A healthy sinergy between all parties involved, healty discussions included, made that BLFLR has transformed beautifully. The subcontractors were fantastic and I really miss spending time on the construction site. I hope to use your services again in the future and would like to congratualate you all for the outstanding results.”


Dirk Van Gastel


A cast floor for our wine cellar, in burgundy off course.

“To me, one of the advantages of a cast resin floor is the wide range of available colours. We were looking for a floor for our wine cellar and wanted it to be burgundy. This colour was custom made by STEPPA. The various colour shades provide a playfull look and the installation proces was efficient and easy. We didn´t have to live in a construction site for long and our floor was ready to use quickly after installation. And last but not least, maintenace! This type of floor is really easy to maintain, you hardly notice any dirt and no special cleaning products are needed to clean it. In short, it´s the perfect floor and we´re happy customers.”


Kristof Speeleveld

A cast mortar floor in our kitchen

“Last summer we decided to install a cast mortar floor in our kitchen. Our house was built in 1933 so when we asked STEPPA for advise they pointed out that the subfloor wasen´t suitable. Older subfloors still “breathe” and might cause osmosis when polyurethane floors are installed on top. Other companies did not even mention this but we took STEPPA´s advice and looked for a better fitting solution. At first, a cast mortar floor, which is air regulating, looked less modern but the end result turned out to be fantastic. The little speckles provide the floor with a natural warmth in comparison to what we experienced as a cold epoxy floor. The maintanace is obviously much more enjoyable than with our previous tile floor. A cast mortar floor was not an evident choice but we´re very happy with the end result.”


Anne Goddeeris

Synthetic resin cast floors

“Resin cast floors, beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, what else do you need!”

Edmond & Gita

Floor Cleaning agent Stec 1

“I would like to highlight how satisfied I am with the product “Stec1” floor cleaner I´ve purchased from STEPPA.


Our living room connects with an open kitchen and hallway on the groundfloor and throughout the whole space we installed a white / beige cast resin floor. Our familly consists of 5 persons and a dog so our floor is extensively used. Kids running in and out of the house with muddy shoes, the dog who leisurely strolls in without wiping his feet. Sounds familiar? At first I cleaned our floor with regular floor cleaners e.g. Ajax or Mr .Proper and sometimes a product containing linseed oil untill I started to notice all of these products left a certain amount of residue after cleaning which actually attracts even more dirt.


Then I thought I had found the perfect solution using a wax remover (décapant) but it turned out to be a really work intensive undertaking. This product needed to be applied per square metre using a rough broom or sponge (sitting on all fours) after which it needed to set for 10 minutes to remove it with water afterwards. 5 to 6 .litres of product were needed to clean the whole living room. I felt utterly exhausted when all was done and my knees would always be in scrambles. When I discovered “Stec 1” through my colleagues I decided to give it a try. I´ve first used it in my hallway because that´s where the most dirt collects. I´ve mixed it with warm water (± 0,5 litre) and applied it to the floor using a broom without scrubbing. After ± 10 minutes I´ve mopped the floor and was amazed with the results. A clean floor without much effort and a minimum use of cleaning product. A week later I used Stec 1 to clean my terrace. Due to the bad weather it really needed a cleaning. Afterwards the sun could shine again because our terrace was sparkling and ready for some sunshine. I thought I should share my experience with you. People easily complain when something isn´t up to standard but when something is exeptionally good, I believe this can be shared as well..


Kind regards from a very satisfied customer,”


Mss. Priem uit Wommelgem