Smooth and glossy

Based on our industry experience, new technological developments and various tests, we have developed a totally new concept in flooring in collaboration with our partner Flowing-Art.

CRYSTALSTEPP is a unique seamless flooring system with a very distinct, high-gloss look and a very comfortable feel. It consists of a carefully dosed combination of high quality glass, fully transparent resins, special pigments and unique fillers.

. This durable flooring system is available in a multitude of colours and colour mixtures enabling you to create various designs. It has a relatively soft finish with enhanced scratch resistance, insulating and sound-absorbing properties and can be applied to nearly any surface.

CRYSTALSTEPP consists of washed, dried, sieved to size, coloured glass grains which are combined with a durable two-component resin. This results in a floor with a high pressure resistance, increased durability and exceptional appearance.

CRYSTALSTEPP can be applied successfully on almost any solid rigid surface and is ideal for use in stores, homes, showrooms, practice rooms or similar environments.

The system is composed of several layers and requires minimal installation time of 5 days.

Different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU

For more information on the different types of STEPPAFLOOR PU, please follow the links below.

SSTEPPAFLOOR PU 420 – The Standard Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR BOLD – The Light and Colour fast Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR COMFORT – The Elastic Cast Floor

STEPPAFLOOR FORSO - The Anti-Slip Cast Floor


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