Cemented quality

STEPPAFLOOR CEM cement floor is the ideal solution when you’re looking for a floor with a warm, natural finish that still has the typical appearance of a concrete floor screed.

This cement floor system is applied to a specific primer and is largely self-levelling. This creates a flat and smooth surface with the typical natural shades of a concrete floor.

The appearance of concrete

STEPPAFLOOR CEM finishing floors are made with coloured or non-coloured, readymade, self levelling mortars with fast drying properties. They are typically used for the equalisation and finishing of concrete or cement floor screeds and can be applied with a standard thickness of 1 to even 40 mm.

This type of floor screed has a natural cement look and typically displays subtle nuances in colour. The system is easy to apply with the use of a pump, dries quickly and features excellent pressure and scratch resistant properties.

It can be finished with special waxes and polyurethane or epoxy resin top layers for a maximum protection.

  • STEPPAFLOOR cemstyle
  • STEPPAFLOOR cemstyle
  • STEPPAFLOOR cemstyle
  • STEPPAFLOOR cemstyle

Different types

STEPPA supplies and installs various types of quality cement bound floor screeds from well-known producers. We are certified installers of CEMART systems (eg. Cemdur, Cemfort, Centop and Cemstyle) as well as several Sikafloor floor systems (both cement and resin based screeds)

We also developed our own alternatives in regards colour options and technical properties.


Like all STEPPA floors, each STEPPAFLOOR CEM floor system is exclusively composed of high quality materials while much attention is paid to the colouring of the mortars.

STEPPAFLOOR CEM is available in a seemingly endless array of colours and colour mixtures. Although various shades of grey remain a popular choice, we are happy to assist you in choosing a specific colour or to provide any further technical information.


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