Within our range of electrically conducting synthetic cast floors and coatings, we also offer a wide selection of floors with anti static and ESD safe properties.

The properties of electrically conducting floors and their application can vary significantly. In addition of our epoxy based cast floors (STEPPAFLOOR EP EL+) we also install the more flexible STEPPAFLOOR PU EL polyurethane floor as well as conducting coatings and other systems with a high mechanical stress and heat resistance.

Due to technical or environmental specifications for specific applications, we advise you to contact us to discuss your project with our team of experts in order to find the right flooring solution.

These electrically conducting floors contain conducting fibres based on and are available in a wide range of colours, even lighter shades depending on the type of floor).

When the floor is completely cured it´s makes for an excellent choice for application in commercial and industrial environments like supermarkets, hospitals, storage rooms or other areas where exposure to static electricity needs to be avoided at all times.